chipping a 3rd gen

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chipping a 3rd gen

Post by chewbakker »

Hi chewbakker here !! way down in New Zealand. I have 2 3rd gens now after buying another one yesterday in Auckland. One is 88 5 speed manual other one is 91 auto. I like to do the work myself except for panel and paint but my 88 is looking good after quite a bit of time and spit and polish. Its not finished but its turning a few heads !! The auto when i get it home will get the same sort of attention. I have put a pod filter and extractors on the 88 and it goes better for it, down low and top end much better. Wondered if a chip is around to fit a 3rd gen ?? anyone suggest a try. cheers chewbakker.


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Hi Chewbakker,

Welcome to, we're happy to have you here.

I don't know of any performance chips for the 3rd gens that people have had good success with, but it is possible to rechip the stock ECUs if you know how to do that sort of thing.

The B20A5 engine uses a Honda PK2 ECU and the B21A1 uses a PK3 ECU.

The PK2 is an OBD0 model and the PK3 is an OBD1. I've heard that the PK3 is easier to chip, but it's also harder to find. If you have an OBD1 car, you can swap out our ECU for some other Honda ECUs, although I'm not sure which ones exactly.

If you're interested in chipping, I suggest taking a look (if you haven't already) at There's loads of good info there. And, as always, never be afraid to hit us here with more questions.

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Post by chen »

Pk-2 uses similar platform with PM6
But pk2 have a some diference in cranckshaft position sensor. pm-6 distributor uses a 16-tooth dizzy wheel. pk-2 distributor uses a 24-tooth dizzy like obd1 ecu`s. you must replace it.
With 16 tooth dizzy you can use a ng60 rom development on
Sorry for bad English language... cu