need help please wit my bb4 prelude

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need help please wit my bb4 prelude

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Yesterday i took my throttle body off the car and the fast idle thermo valve and idle intake valve i cleaned them all out with carb cleaner plus i cleaned the air intake manifold there was like a little black filter in the fast idle thermo valve i also cleaned this wit the carb cleaner when they were all cleaned i put it all back together and turned the car over when i done this the car idle was up at nearly 4000 rpm and loads of thick white smoke crap loads of it and water pissing out of the exhaust and smoke coming from under the engine bay plus the pipe leading from the rad into the engine was pure flat and making a sucking noise I'm worried that my car is now messed up all because i tried cleaning out these valves the reason i done all this work was because the the kept cutting out when the idle dropped down or whenG put my foot on the clutch when going down the gears please help us out anyway you can be greatlyappreciated thank you


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Re: need help please wit my bb4 prelude

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Because of the white smoke I'm guessing you are getting water into the intake tract of your engine. I'd double check that you put the fast idle valve back together correctly. I'm guessing that the stopper is not in place and water from the coolant lines is getting to the body of the Fast Idle Valve. This could be dangerous because you could end up hydro-locking your #4 cylinder if you get enough water through to stop combustion. Don't run the engine, take the fast idle valve apart and fix the leak.