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Honda Prelude Parts

At, we understand that finding parts for a Honda Prelude can be difficult at times. To help you maintain your Prelude, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of reliable sources for Honda Prelude parts. No matter the year of Prelude you own, you'll find the following information helpful.


Whenever possible, we always suggest that our users buy replacement parts for their Honda Preludes directly from Honda. We realize that genuine Honda parts can be expensive, but they are also very high quality. In addition, purchasing OEM Honda parts is the only way to ensure that your Honda Prelude is maintained in exactly the form Honda intended it to be. You can purchase Honda parts at your local Honda dealer. If you want to shop online for genuine Honda parts, we almost always direct our users to


Even though Amazon got its start selling books, we've actually found it to be a very reliable place to find replacement parts for Honda Preludes. Amazon has a great selection of parts that fit Honda Preludes and their prices are very reasonable. To find a part on Amazon use the parts finder box below.

Replacement Parts on Amazon

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Wreckers / Junk Yards

If you're looking to save a lot of money, or can't find a part new, always try searcing auto wreckers and junk yards. Since Preludes are becoming older cars, the junk yards often have many Preludes and Prelude parts available. It's often best to look for a "self-service" auto wrecker where you can go and choose the parts you need right off an old car. Bring your tools.