80 Prelude (1st Gen) Restored

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80 Prelude (1st Gen) Restored

Post by eemerson@wcvt.com »

Hello fellow Prelude enthusiasts. I have a 1980 Prelude that was restored this summer (2005) to pretty much its original glory. About 99% original parts or reused and refurbished. Have not added up all the receipts yet but thanks to my handy mechanic and body shop guy (that's why he's also my husband) we made the restoration alot cheaper than it could have been. If interested please visit the Log of repairs at: http://www.preluderestoration.org



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Thanks for your visit, we're very happy to have you here. Your first gen is beautiful, I don't think I've ever seen one so nicely restored. What is it about the first generation that made you want to go through so much to restore it?

Thank you for posting a link to your website, I'm sure some of our visitors may find it helpful. Come and visit often!


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Post by RedRacer »

Welcome Ellen!

That's a decent looking little 1st Gen. You've done a great job. And that's a touching story that goes with it and the demise of the young man who owned it before you got it. He'd be pleased I'm sure.

As for the S600....that's really nice too! I've always considered getting one and restoring it because I just like those little cars so much. The research that I did for finding parts and a body, etc. showed it would be no small task. It may have to wait a while longer because of that.

Thanks for posting, come back often and contribute any info or post questions about your car(s) and remember to tell others about PreludeDriver.com!

-- Josh

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Post by Edge2lyfe »

Nice work there. I like the color, Tudor red, would be interesting to see that color on a 5th gen.