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By registering at you agree to follow the rules set out below and to respect the guidance provided by the moderators and admins. It is your responsibility to become familiar with these rules and follow them consistently. These rules are not up for negotiation and will be enforced equally across all members.

1 - Always be kind, courteous and helpful.

Always be respectful to other members of the forum. Never insult another member or attack them personally in any way. We are here to support one another in our common appreciation of Honda Preludes, not to put each other down. The management of will be monitoring behavior inside threads and will not tolerate members being rude to one another. Treat other members like family.

If you have a complaint to make about the behavior of a moderator, please communicate your complaint through private email. There will be zero tolerance for members attempting to discredit's management publicly in the forums.

2 - Posting rules:
  • Be professional - When posting, always make an effort to use proper spelling and appropriate grammer. Avoid the use of abbreviations, slang and 'forum lingo'. Admins and moderators reserve the right to remove any illegible posts/topics that are not well presented.

    No profanity - Do not try to get around's language filter. If a word is profane, don't use it.

    No 'bumping' - Never post in a thread to 'bump' the thread. If you are having trouble getting people to respond to your thread you may want to consider contacting a moderator or administrator and have them delete your current thread with no responses, so that you may start a new thread. Providing a more descriptive title and more informative text will make it easier for others to help you out.

    Stay on topic - Don't let a thread start to get off topic by posting something irrelevent. Threads that go off topic will be locked.

    No porn - Posting images of or links to sexually explicit material of any kind is strictly forbidden. Material of this nature will not be tolerated anywhere on the forum. This includes the posting of or linking to images of women/men dressed in provocative attire. Don't do it.
3 - When responding to a thread:
  • No flaming - Never ridicule or belittle people who ask simple questions. exists to help all Prelude owners, not just seasoned veterans. If someone asks a question you regard as being common knowledge, help them out, and be polite. We are not here to make fools out of the people who are just getting started.

    Be informative - When you respond to a thread, try to be as helpful as you can. Many people will come to to seek help with their Prelude related problems. If you have information that will help them out, please share it. As you respond, be as detailed as you can so that other readers will understand what you have to say.

    Be accurate - Only provide accurate information when you respond in a thread. If you don't know the answer to a particular question, let someone else answer. is not the place for you to post what you 'think' might work. Inaccurate information provided by you could potentially damage the Prelude of another.

    Never brush people off - Never reply to a thread just to encourage people to 'use the search'. If you're sure a topic has been discussed before, you can be most helpful by doing one of two things: Either answer the person's question, or, locate the thread that will help them and include it in your reply.

    No useless replies - If you don't have anything useful to say, do not reply to a thread. Every post you make should contribute to the discussion in some way, never post for no reason.
4 - When posting a new thread:
  • Post in the correct forum - is divided into a number of categories for a reason. When posting a new thread, be sure to place your thread in the appropriate category. For example, if you have a question related to a 5th generation Prelude, post it in the 5th generation forum.

    Provide a good title - The title of your thread will have a large impact on whether or not people will read it. Always choose titles that are descriptive and provide an accurate preview of the thread topic.

    Be descriptive - If you want people to be able to help you, be sure to provide enough information that others can undestand what it is your are trying to find out. Make sure you've done sufficient research before hand to understand the scope of your question. Other members who respond to your thread should not have to spend a great deal of time filling you on the background details of your question's scope.
5 - Forbidden topics:
The following topics are not to be discussed on No exceptions.

Porn, drugs, war, sexuality, relationships, babe/dude threads, politics, racism, store/brand bashing, rice-related, illegal activities, complaints, bench racing, etc.

'Bench racing' is asking hypothetical questions to see whether one car could beat another in a race. Bench racing also includes discussing possible performance gains from vehicle mods in the context of racing. If you want to know how fast you are, go to a proper facility and find out.

Basically, be mature about what you choose to discuss. This is a public forum, and will be read by many different types of people.

6 - Racing policy: is against street-racing in all its forms. Street racing is against the law, wreckless, and exceedingly dangerous to both drivers and the general public. We will not allow any information to be posted that supports or encourages racing cars on public roads, regardless of the location. Topics centering around street racing including (but not limited to) experiences, strategies, locations, or kill stories are strictly forbidden.

If you are interested in racing your Prelude, we suggest that you research a local racing club in your area so that you can push your car to the limit at an appropriate facility. encourages and supports people who race their vehicles at appropriate facilites. Racing done at the right facilities is open for discussion. You are free to post your track experiences, time-sheets, track kill-stories, setups, etc.

7 - Other rules:
Selling Policy - If you have an item for sale, you may post information about your item in the For Sale forum only. Discussion about items for sale in any other forum is forbidden. Topics in the For Sale forum must include a description, and may not just be an outlink to another site such as eBay, Kijiji or Craigslist.

Outlinking Policy - You may not use to advertise other websites or services. is an information resource, not an advertising service.

Affiliation Policy - You, or any entity, may not claim to have an affiliation with or an endorsement from without consent.

One account per person - You may not sign up for multiple accounts.

Never bash - Members caught bashing on this forum or anywhere else will be promptly discharged. is provided as a service to assist you with enjoying your Honda Prelude and slander or insubordination will not be tolerated.

No spam - Spamming through's forum or private messaging facility is forbidden. Don't do it.