Have a happy holidays

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Have a happy holidays

Post by Preludedude »

Well as you guys all know its Christmas time and, people are not the smartest around this time. But i do wish you all a happy holiday and to not drink and drive, your life and your Prelude mean to much, I hope everyone enjoys there Christmas Cruise's (if your gonna partake in some) and just be safe everone!!!

Ps. Your Prelude wants a Mod for Christmas hahah :lol:



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Re: Have a happy holidays

Post by spiffyguido »

Thanks for the holiday greeting! Great points on safety during this season as well.

Drinking and then driving is unbelievably stupid and puts so much at risk. Be safe out there, and if you see someone out for a drive that seems to be intoxicated, REPORT THEM!

My Prelude is tucked in for the winter, but yes, the holiday season is a great time to buy car goodies for your ride.

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Re: Have a happy holidays

Post by RedRacer »

Thanks for the holiday message Preludedude, and Spiffy! Very wise words to all. Just wanted to add a Happy Boxing Day to my northern bordered friends, and others across oceans and ponds!