Frozen Spiffy

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Frozen Spiffy

Post by RedRacer »

Holy dayum Spiffy! And I thought the cold spell here was getting down to the bone ---- but brother, just checked your weather up there at the North Pole! TOO MUCH!

My phone app has little frozen thermometers with icicles on the bottom and all the mercury is blue in the bulb at the base.... -16 degrees and highs of -3? Gimme a tornado or two any day! (not really)

Stay warm my friend. Plug in those block heaters!


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Re: Frozen Spiffy

Post by spiffyguido »

Ha! Yeah it's been chilly here.

Went skiing in Banff the weekend before last. Nearly froze to death. Was -25C at the mountain base. Not that bad. Add a bunch of elevation thanks to a gondola ride and a lot of wind on the ski runs and it was way too cold. Even had to pack it in early that day because the cold started to get the better of us.

Could be worse this time of year, actually, so people aren't complaining too much.

Not to worry though. The lude is all tucked away in a cozy garage for the winter.