brake problem

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brake problem

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i have a 92 honda prelude si thats been sitting in the yard for several months. drove to work and had brakes start to apply while going down the road. checked in parking lot and rims were hot on all four tires. hours later i checked and car rolled back when clutch was pressed. drove about 10 miles and brakes started to apply again. let cool and tried again. happen again. made it home later.
replaced master cylinder since all four rims were hot. still have brakes start to apply after driving short distances. have found that left front and right rear rims were hot this time and brakes holding wheel. took brake line loose from caliper and wheel turned freely. caliper must be ok. proportional valve is the next thing that i am looking at now. looks like its located between the fuel filter and the fuse/relay box on the passenger side. problem is this valve looks different from other proportional valves seen before. not sure if this is my brake problem or not.


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Re: brake problem

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I wonder if the caliper pins are just seizing up when they get hot. I'd take these out and give them a grease down to see if it helps. It's an easy thing to check and doesn't take much effort to do.

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Re: brake problem

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Collapsed brake hose can cause this. If you release the pressure from the system and the piston releases from the rotor, it's the brake hose and should be replaced. I'd replace both sides or all four at the same time. If one is gone, the others are going to follow suit.

If releasing the pressure from the line does not retract the piston, then the caliper needs to be replaced.