Atta BOY!

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Atta BOY!

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LOL - Kyle Busch got busted yesterday for driving his "borrowed" Lexus LFA at 128 mph in a 45.

He had a female in the car with him, nothing was said about who or what she was.

So, come on, you're Kyle Busch, you have in your possession a 2012 Lexus "manufacturer's car", you've got some booty (and I don't mean pirate loot) in the car with you and you've got a two lane rural road that's mostly flat, laid out in front of you.....and remember, this car can hit 120 in 10 wouldn't you have a little fun too? Gotta impress the girls, right?

Also, you're Kyle Busch.... so what backwoods sheriff or deputy is going to put a NASCAR driver in jail? Remember, North Carolina is THE HOME of NASCAR. DUH. So, would you as Sheriff want those good ol' boys from all around the area to come visit your Sheriff's office in the middle of the night and teach you a lesson about handing out tickets/jailing NASCAR drivers? No, I think not.

So, the #1 reason Kyle Busch was driving 128 mph in a 45 mph zone? BECAUSE HE CAN!

(I took the old man's Panamera out last weekend when I was down visiting my parents ..... it's rural, there's some seriously deserted and open road stretches -- let's just say that I put Kyle to shame, and I didn't get caught! ;) )

*I, nor Prelude Driver or any of its affiliates condone driving outside the boundaries of road laws and rules.


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Re: Atta BOY!

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Lucky guy! I prefer the Porsches with two doors, obviously. But that's still a nice ride.