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knowledge 1-2....enthusiasm 10

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:29 am
by hornetracer
just an old guy havin fun. we have an entry level racing here that is just stripping out import 4 cylinder cars throwing in some bars and a five point harness and we are off.i have many questions some may even seem stupid but bear with me.i was given a 88 prelude that didnt run.. timing belt broken.since following your vids have replaced siezed water pump,timing belt cam oil seals and new belts for alt and power steering.just waiting to pick up some lost valve cover gromets to put cover on and see if she goes. Hoping no issue due to zero clearance... we will see. ok so question 1 would be if i had a 87 motor from si. is it possible to swap or is it a gen specific thing/. i understand 87 single cam vs dual cam fuel injected.but is it even a possibility motor or motor and tranny fitting? 2 what are my options for motor replacement if needed ? " i did warn you about my inexperienced questions" as i had so much fun racing last year its myself and my girlfriends two boys racing this year.i am really hoping to put the 88 on the track this year and look forward to some good advice from you guys. thanks a bunch

Re: knowledge 1-2....enthusiasm 10

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:28 pm
by spiffyguido
No, the engine from the 87 SI won't fit in your 88 Prelude. The engines are fairly generation specific up until 1994, then interchangeability gets a little better with the H-series motors.

The 87 SI will have an A20A3, which is a great little engine, but won't fit in your 88 without a lot of modification. The A20A3 engines are cast iron block and mount up with a much different orientation than is used in the 3rd generation (88-91) preludes.

The engines of interest to you are the B20A5 and B21A1 from the USDM. Additionally, some JDM B20As will be a perfect fit, depending on the year.

Changes are, you'll have the easiest time finding a B20A5 as these were used in the vast majority of 3rd generation Preludes. They're an aluminium block and head engine with DOHC. The B21A1 uses the same block but is bored out slightly to get the extra .1 L of displacement.

The most notable difference between the engines (besides different power output) is that the B21A1 uses an OBD1 ECU and the B20A5 uses an OBD0 ECU. If you already have a B20A5 in your Prelude, the easiest path is to just find another B20A5. Otherwise, get a B20A or a B21A1 with the appropriate matching ECUs.

Hope that helps.

Re: knowledge 1-2....enthusiasm 10

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 11:07 pm
by hornetracer
yes it does thank you